The Bergell Valley is an idyllic alpine valley in the canton of Graubünden. It stretches from the Maloya Pass down to Chiavenna, first Italian town beyond the Swiss border – a paradise of nature that inspired artists like Giacometti, Segantini and Varlin. Confectioners emigrated from the Bergell Valley and founded renowned confectionery shops and coffee houses all around the world.

Even today a sweet of the finest kind comes from the Bergell Valley, the Honey “Val Bregaglia” produced by the apiarist Peter Schneider. He keeps his bee hives at Coltura, a hamlet near Stampa, 1’000m above sea level, in an old stable in the middle of a lush meadow.

The manifold alpine flora produces an aromatic nectar which gives Peter’s Honey “Val Bregaglia” its deliciously rich flavour – a treat for your palate!
  This unique Honey “Val Bregaglia” is available in attractive honeycomb jars, holding either 350g or 125g, with an elegant black label depicting a gold-coloured bee. It’s a treat for your own breakfast or a perfect little gift for your friends at home.