ZURICH-HONEY from the roof
of Globus Zürich Bahnhofstrasse

Sixteen colonies of hard-working bees fly from the roof of the Globus premium department store on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. And they fly exclusively for Globus, making honey that is sold exclusively in the Globus ☆☆☆ delicatessa.

During the inactive winter months, each colony numbers some 4,000 bees of the sub-species «Apis mellifera mellifera». In the summer, however, each colony swells to 40,000 bees, 1,500 drones and of course one queen. Harvesting times for the Zurich-Honey from Globus roof are May/June for the «Spring Blossom» of acacia, horse chestnut, lime blossom etc. The “Summer Blossom” is harvested in July. The Zurich-Honey beekeeper, Peter Schneider, knows his bees are happy flying from Globus on Bahnhofstrasse into the surrounding area – Pestalozzi Park, Sihlufer, the park of the National Museum, Lindenhof Hill and the Old Botanical Garden. They enjoy the wide range of blossoms and flowers the city has to offer and are very much at home in the urban environment.