Zurich-Honey – a delicacy from the banks of the Limmat!
What so far has been reserved for gourmets in London, Hong Kong or New York can now be savoured in Zurich too.

Zurich-Honey is an exclusive label owned by Peter Schneider, an experienced apiarist, lord of thousands of busy bees. They gather the nectar from innumerable trees, flowers and blossoms offered to them in the parks, along the avenues and on lavishly planted balconies in the busy city on the Limmat. In short: pure nature right in the city-centre!

Zurich-Honey is filled into attractive honeycomb jars holding either 350g or 125g with an elegant black label depicting a gold-coloured bee. This exquisite product is an ideal little present for your sweetheart, for a friend or a sophisticated gourmet.

  Zurich-Honey comes in two varieties – gold-coloured from spring-blossoms and amber-coloured gathered later in the year. Honey from the Höngg-area is deliciously creamy, the crème de la crème of Zurich-Honey.

Zurich-Honey – a sophisticated seduction of your senses. Savour it generously and honey soit qui mal y pense!


Hotel Marriott:   Peter Schneider
Globus Zürich   Peter Schneider
Bahnhofstrasse:   Urs Gähler
Zürich Höngg:   Peter Schneider
    Urs Gähler
    Anita Kömeter
Züribiet:   Heidi Meyer
Val Bregaglia:   Peter Schneider