Zurich-Honey «Marriott Top of the Roof»

The Zurich-Honey apiarist Peter Schneider and his Zurich Bees reach for the stars – on top of the star-hotel Marriott. Peter keeps 26 hives on the roof garden of the renowned hotel in the middle of the city, near the park of the National Museum and the banks of the river Limmat, an area with a great many trees, bushes and flowers. Warmer temperatures in the city-centre and flourishing shrubs and flowers provide dolce vita – not only abundant nectar for the bees but also first class Zurich-Honey for sophisticated gourmets.
  ZURICH-HONEY«Marriott Top of the Roof» even inspires the chefs of the Zurich Marriott Hotel to create some of their most refined haute cuisine dishes.

Zurich-Honey «Marriott Top of the Roof» is available in jars of 125g at the Zurich Marriott Hotel..

RECIPES (only in german):
Apple-Honey Dressing
Honig and Melon-Mousse